Commission a Life-size Portrait is just a wonderful prepetuation. For more information about the work please contact with the artist.  We will make a appointment for a sitting. Modelling from life is a lot easier but Jennifer can also take measure the face correctly and than go on working from photos that she will take from the pose.


When the clay model is finished there are two alternatives. Leave it to dry for a few weeks and than fire it to obtain a ceramic bust. Or cast it with a cold or a hot cast. The cold method is for reproducing a plaster or cast stone and the hot one for a bronce sculpture. The finished portrait will be installed on a wood plinth.

The time of the hole portrait process takes around 10 weeks. If you wish a bronce finish you could plan with 3 additional months more.

The cost for a comissioned Life-size Portrait depends on your preferences, please contact the artist for advices.