Berlin, 1982.

Jennifer Virginia Rotter lives and works in Alicante, Spain.


Training and Courses

2017 Sculpture with Grzegorz Gwiazda at the Barcelona Academy of Art.
2016 New models of cultural management (University of Murcia) 200 h
2010-2013. Superior Cycle of Sculpture at the School of Art of Murcia.
2013. Color Engraving Course with Jose Fuentes, Professor of Drawing and Engraving at 
the University of Salamanca.
2012. Erasmus Training in Bildgiesserei Hermann Noack in Berlin.
2012. Bronze casting workshop with Professor Bartolome Palazon Cascales.



2017 Instructor of the Sculpture Academy at the artnground cave in Rojales.
2016-2017 Director and Professor of the Municipal Public School of Plastic Arts  in Almoradí.
2013 Monitora of carving in stone for the signage of a road in the property Lo Masera in San Miguel de Salinas.
2014 Monitora of the Land Art Workshop in the Casa de los Buhos in Torremendo.



2015 Sculpture work for La Forja de Prometeo in Murcia.  Workshop dedicated to the design and construcción of props for cinema, theatre, Tv, historical and popular events.

Cultural management and curating

2015-2016 Co-Director and owner of the artist residence artnground.
2014-2016 Co-Director and curator of the Sala Mengolero, Rojales (Alicante).

Curated exhibitions in the Sala Mengolero
10/2017 Pepe Yagües
05/2017 José Cerezo
01/2017 Mercedes Fittipaldi
11/2016 Jorge Izquierdo
09/2016 Jaume Marzal
07/2016 Aurora Alcaide
05/2016 Gloria Lapeña
03/2016 Anabel del Canto and Salvador Hernández
01/2016 Eva Santos
11/2015 Mirtya Huizzi
09/2015 Andrea Lopardo
08/2015 Antonio Garcia López
07/2015 Francisco Follana Montesinos
06/2015 Luz Bañón
05/2015 Concha Martínez Montalvo
04/2015 Belén Orta
03/2015 The Company of Mario, artistic collective of Los Alcázares

Group exhibitions

March 21 – April 1, 2014. “The company of Mario” Collective exhibition at the Artillery Barracks in Murcia.
August-September 2013. “Enviñarte” Degustación plástica, Collective exhibition with Carlos Carmona, Alberto Meseguer, Hilarion Pedauye and Antonio Saez in the Sala Vista Alegre of Torrevieja.
Juli-September 2013. “Color Engraving”, Collective Exhibition of the Engraving Course with Jose Fuentes at the Bardin House of the Juan Gil Albert Institute, Alicante.
April 2013. “Trazos de Memoria”, Collective exhibition in the Exhibition Hall Mengolero, Caves of the Rodeo, Rojales.
January-February 2013. “Refractions of La Conservera”, Collective exhibition in the auditorium of the School of Art of Murcia, Murcia.
May-December 2012. Exhibition of “Enviñarte” at the Venue of the Protected Designation of Origin of Alicante. Calle de las Monjas, 6, 03002 Alicante. Visit the page of Alicante DOP.
June 2012. “48 Stunden Neukölln”, 14. Festival of Art and Culture from 15 to 17 June. Collective exhibition at Cafe Ohr, Berlin.
April-May 2012. Sculptural exhibition “Cosecha 2012” of the School of Art of Murcia in the Klein-Schreuder Foundation, Alfàz del Pi.

2011January 2012. Benefit exhibition “A look at the Mediterranean” in the temporary exhibition room of the National Museum of Underwater Archaeological ARQUA, organized by Multiple Sclerosis Association of Cartagena and its region, Cartagena (Murcia) .
2010. Exhibition “Enviñarte” in Office of Harmonization of the Internal Market, Alicante.
2010. “Sculpting Equality” Collective exhibition of sculptors in commemoration of Women’s Day. Organized by Orihuela 2m10. Library of Loaves de Orihuela (Alicante).
2010. Installation of “Enviñarte” sculptures at La Cantera restaurant, Alicante. Organized by Vinospe S.L.
2009. Mobile installation in the courtyard of the CCCE L’Escorxador of the objects that we realized in the Workshop of Basurama, Elche.
2007. Installation around the Exhibition Hall Mengolero, Caves of the Rodeo, Rojales.